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Office Cleaning Services Are Perfect For A Germ Free Office

Whether You Are New To office cleaning In Your Facility Or An Experienced cleaner, The Pressure To Get It Right During COVID – 19 IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER! The Covid-19 pandemic has Heightened Everyone’s Need For Better Cleaning Strategies Across All Industries This Year. A quick search online will show that many people are…
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janitorial services in St. Louis

5 Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Janitorial Service | Grimebusters

If you’re not happy with your current janitorial service, it’s time to make a change. Here are five reasons why you should switch to a new company: 1. Your current service is not meeting your needs. 2. You’re not getting the quality of service you expect. 3. Your service is too expensive. 4. You’re not…
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medical cleaning crew

Trust and Training Are Keys In Medical Facility Cleaning

Medical facility cleaning require an extra measure of training and trust with customers. It’s a trust that Grimebusters take seriously in the Metro East are of Belleville, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. This has been very apparent over the past 3 years while battling the pandemic. Grimebusters has a long history of working with different…
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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning St. Louis

Proper Cleaning For the Restaurant Industry In St. Louis, Missouri

Restaurants are tasked with the chore of keeping their place of business clean and hygienic for the health and safety of their employees and patrons. Every aspect of your facility must be cleaned properly to #1 meet health standards and for safe preparation of food for customers. Restaurant managers must carefully inspect kitchen areas, dining…
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Metro East Summer School Cleaning Checklist

Do you have a school cleaning checklist yet? School is almost done for most schools across the country. There are many fun things that kids will do this summer. Here are just a few ideas for all of those parents out there. O’Fallon Family Sports Park Uban Air Trampoline Adventure Park Play Street Museum Eckert’s…
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10 Mistakes In Floor Stripping That’ll Wreck Your Floors

Floor stripping is a process that removes old wax, dirt, and debris found on your floors. What type of floors get waxed? Typically vinyl, linoleum and hardwood floors get waxed on a regular basis to keep them looking great. Stripping and waxing these types of floors are labor intensive and even the professionals make mistakes…
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Office Cleaning For Hybrid Work Schedules In Metro East

Office Cleaning last year was hard for businesses, and this year is proving to be even harder. With rising costs of inflation and shortages in staffing, the pandemic has continued to shift everyone’s routine at work. With many people still being cautious about COVID wearing masks, social distancing working from home part-time is becoming the…
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Janitorial Cleaning or Commercial Cleaning?

Janitorial cleaning services that are not present or done once in a while at your facility don’t cut it. Your business needs a daily, weekly, and/or monthly cleaning. The immediate and long terms effects of cleaning are clearly seen and felt by employees and customers. With professional cleaning services in Belleville, Illinois or St. Louis,…
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Restrooms in St. Louis, Missouri

How To Mitigate Infections in Restrooms in St. Louis, Missouri

Cold and flu season is the one time of year that everyone comes in contact with the Flu virus and has proven to be increasingly dangerous due to different strains have been detected. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), this is caused by mutations of flu strains, and they are causing secondary infections…
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Important Tips for Preschool Cleaning

Preschool cleaning helps parents, teachers and students to feel safe while away from home. Every surface children touch in every room at school and home are constantly bombarded with germs and bacteria. Where there are children, there will be germs. It’s a fact of life. Keeping any preschool or daycare clean and sanitized can seem…
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