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5 Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Janitorial Service | Grimebusters

If you’re not happy with your current janitorial service, it’s time to make a change. Here are five reasons why you should switch to a new company: 1. Your current service is not meeting your needs. 2. You’re not getting the quality of service you expect. 3. Your service is too expensive. 4. You’re not…
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Trust and Training Are Keys In Medical Facility Cleaning

Medical facility cleaning require an extra measure of training and trust with customers. It’s a trust that Grimebusters take seriously in the Metro East are of Belleville, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. This has been very apparent over the past 3 years while battling the pandemic. Grimebusters has a long history of working with different…
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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning St. Louis

Proper Cleaning For the Restaurant Industry In St. Louis, Missouri

Restaurants are tasked with the chore of keeping their place of business clean and hygienic for the health and safety of their employees and patrons. Every aspect of your facility must be cleaned properly to #1 meet health standards and for safe preparation of food for customers. Restaurant managers must carefully inspect kitchen areas, dining…
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Metro East Summer School Cleaning Checklist

Do you have a school cleaning checklist yet? School is almost done for most schools across the country. There are many fun things that kids will do this summer. Here are just a few ideas for all of those parents out there. O’Fallon Family Sports Park Uban Air Trampoline Adventure Park Play Street Museum Eckert’s…
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10 Mistakes In Floor Stripping That’ll Wreck Your Floors

Floor stripping is a process that removes old wax, dirt, and debris found on your floors. What type of floors get waxed? Typically vinyl, linoleum and hardwood floors get waxed on a regular basis to keep them looking great. Stripping and waxing these types of floors are labor intensive and even the professionals make mistakes…
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Office Cleaning For Hybrid Work Schedules In Metro East

Office Cleaning last year was hard for businesses, and this year is proving to be even harder. With rising costs of inflation and shortages in staffing, the pandemic has continued to shift everyone’s routine at work. With many people still being cautious about COVID wearing masks, social distancing working from home part-time is becoming the…
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Janitorial Cleaning or Commercial Cleaning?

Janitorial cleaning services that are not present or done once in a while at your facility don’t cut it. Your business needs a daily, weekly, and/or monthly cleaning. The immediate and long terms effects of cleaning are clearly seen and felt by employees and customers. With professional cleaning services in Belleville, Illinois or St. Louis,…
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Restrooms in St. Louis, Missouri

How To Mitigate Infections in Restrooms in St. Louis, Missouri

Cold and flu season is the one time of year that everyone comes in contact with the Flu virus and has proven to be increasingly dangerous due to different strains have been detected. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), this is caused by mutations of flu strains, and they are causing secondary infections…
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Important Tips for Preschool Cleaning

Preschool cleaning helps parents, teachers and students to feel safe while away from home. Every surface children touch in every room at school and home are constantly bombarded with germs and bacteria. Where there are children, there will be germs. It’s a fact of life. Keeping any preschool or daycare clean and sanitized can seem…
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How Often Do Businesses in Metro East Need A Deep Cleaning Service?

In St. Louis, the Metro-East area of Illinois, the cleanliness of your building can affect your business in many ways. It can reflect on the quality of your services, speed of delivery, and quality of delivery to your customers. The cleanliness of your building can also reflect on your employees by hindering motivation for working…
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Cleaning For Health In Your Metro East Office

Cleaning for health is not a new idea in the cleaning industry. The circumstances over the last two years has brought a new light to the ideology and given it more importance in daily cleaning. The concept of using commercial cleaning services for cleaning for health rather than appearance has gained momentum in the cleaning…
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Commercial Cleaning Locker Rooms in Metro East

For a lot of people, a visit to the employee break room or gym is the highlight of the day. Many companies in Metro East and St. Louis today offer a designated employee locker room or breakroom to each lunch, store personal belongings, workout, and shower in. These areas get a lot of use, which…
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Commercial Cleaning Services

Questions To Consider Before You Switch Cleaning Companies

How do you know that the change will be better for your company? It might seem like a better deal, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. Even if your cleaning company is not ideal, here are key questions to ask before you make that switch. Here are some common complaints…
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Creating a clean and healthy business environment in St. Louis

Did you know that a clean, well-kept business increases the chances of happy customers? What about productive staff members? Not only does a clean environment help in these areas it also creates a positive image of your St. Louis facility. Let’s face it – no one wants to shop or work in an environment with…
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Commercial Cleaning Blindspots Learned From COVID

In the aftermath of COVID during 2019 and 2020 commercial cleaning services have seen spikes throughout the country in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Virginia, Tennessee, New York and Maine are just some of the hot spot regions right now. Businesses are critically focusing on doing everything they can to provide safe environments for employees and customers.…
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COVID-19 Surges Reinforce Professional Disinfecting Services

Due to a strain of COVID-19 being easily transmissible and stalled vaccination numbers, COVID is hitting many U.S. cities hard this fall and this is reinforcing the need for more professional disinfecting services. It has made developing Delta variant disinfection plans and services even more critical as many local communities like St. Louis and Belleville,…
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Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis

Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key, pt2

Last time we started talking about Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis area. This week we are wrapping up that discussion about the importance of regular carpet cleaning schedules and how it impacts your business. Fiber Abrasion Leads To Massive Damage In areas of your business that have a lot of foot, traffic carpeting wears out…
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Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key

Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key, pt1

As Carpet Cleaning Professionals in St. Louis, there is a new trend with businesses that is motivated by the need to save money. This trend is “reducing the frequency” of your carpet cleaning. I’m not talking about shampooing your carpets, but the regular vacuuming of your carpets. The simple truth is, this is a bad…
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5 Problems That’ll Make You Switch Cleaning Companies

Have you had a bad experience with cleaning companies? Are you overwhelmed with your current cleaning company? Do you find yourself annoyed by their performance on a daily basis? These are just some of the many challenges that you can face when dealing with a cleaning company that isn’t doing a good job as promised.…
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Does Coronavirus Threaten Fall 2021 School Year?

The question that is looming throughout the country this summer is whether schools will reopen this Fall with Coronavirus looming? The American Enterprise Institute and the National Center For Education Statistics look at the data and determine if it will be safe for teachers, students, and parents. As an education cleaning company, we worked with…
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A Disinfecting Guide To Prevent Outbreaks At Work

The latest pandemic has changed the world we know and how to run a business in the St. Louis Metro East region. It will never be the same. Even though we are half way through 2021, many businesses are still easing back into regular business before the pandemic. It’s important more than ever for business…
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Maintaining Your School’s Gymnasium Floor During COVID-19

There a many schools in the St. Louis and Metro-East region that have gymnasium floors. These types of floors in schools are a very important investment. A beautiful sports floor brings a sense of pride to each school as students, sports teams and teachers use this type of floor for many types of events. Every…
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Cleaning & Disinfecting Pathogens and Their Lifespans

With COVID-19 still looming across the United States and in the Metro East region, many businesses are facing questions about their cleaning and disinfecting procedures. In the past many businesses would use a casual wipe down to clean and disinfect the hot spot areas. It’s clear though that those practices can’t be done anymore and…
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Commercial Cleaning Services Back To Full Operations

Now that the world is recovering from the many setbacks of COVID-19, we are starting to see a shift from virtual work back to employees in office spaces. This return is increasing day by day as we get further into 2021. There are many articles out there on returning to normalcy in the workplace. We…
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Outsourcing Your Cleaning Services Saves Costs

Outsourcing cleaning services in the St. Louis region and Metro East might be the perfect solution for your business. There is one thing that last year taught us in the cleaning services industry, we need to be flexible and prepared for anything. Many business owners that used to clean their own facilities ended up outsourcing…
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5 Things Your Janitorial Services Needs

First impressions between people are subtle but often influence our interactions. When it comes to your building, first impressions are important and they often get noticed by customers quickly. A shiny clean lobby, a pristine hallway, a clean bathroom, and clean windows are just some of the things that customers notice when they walk into…
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Why Carpet Cleaning Yourself is a Bad Idea

Why is carpet cleaning a bad idea for yourself? In this article we will explore why cleaning your carpets yourself in the St. Louis, Metro east area is a bad idea. Carpets are one of the most essential components in your office. It is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for adults, children and more. A quality…
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Cleaning Supplies Every School Teachers Needs

Safe and clean classrooms are important to teachers today more now than ever with COVID-19 lurking at every turn. Schools have dense populations though, making it hard to control germs from spreading throughout your student and teacher population. The janitorial and teaching staff play a significant role in keeping the school environment clean and safe.…
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What To Clean During Feb Winter School Break

Winter school break is finally on its way or here for many schools in the Metro East Region. Students and teachers will head out for the holiday away from the classroom and classes. This is the time that the janitorial staff head in and get much-needed cleaning done. A lot is gonna happen in this…
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Top Cleaning Questions For COVID19 in 2021

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has brought a new sense of urgency to the role of cleaning and disinfecting in your facility. As more companies resume operations throughout St Louis and Metro East they are learning that they need a comprehensive cleaning plan. A new study by states that Coronavirus spreads from person to person…
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