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How Often Do Businesses in Metro East Need A Deep Cleaning Service?

In St. Louis, the Metro-East area of Illinois, the cleanliness of your building can affect your business in many ways. It can reflect on the quality of your services, speed of delivery, and quality of delivery to your customers. The cleanliness of your building can also reflect on your employees by hindering motivation for working…
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Cleaning For Health In Your Metro East Office

Cleaning for health is not a new idea in the cleaning industry. The circumstances over the last two years has brought a new light to the ideology and given it more importance in daily cleaning. The concept of using commercial cleaning services for cleaning for health rather than appearance has gained momentum in the cleaning…
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Commercial Cleaning Locker Rooms in Metro East

For a lot of people, a visit to the employee break room or gym is the highlight of the day. Many companies in Metro East and St. Louis today offer a designated employee locker room or breakroom to each lunch, store personal belongings, workout, and shower in. These areas get a lot of use, which…
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Commercial Cleaning Services

Questions To Consider Before You Switch Cleaning Companies

How do you know that the change will be better for your company? It might seem like a better deal, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. Even if your cleaning company is not ideal, here are key questions to ask before you make that switch. Here are some common complaints…
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Creating a clean and healthy business environment in St. Louis

Did you know that a clean, well-kept business increases the chances of happy customers? What about productive staff members? Not only does a clean environment help in these areas it also creates a positive image of your St. Louis facility. Let’s face it – no one wants to shop or work in an environment with…
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Commercial Cleaning Blindspots Learned From COVID

In the aftermath of COVID during 2019 and 2020 commercial cleaning services have seen spikes throughout the country in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Virginia, Tennessee, New York and Maine are just some of the hot spot regions right now. Businesses are critically focusing on doing everything they can to provide safe environments for employees and customers.…
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COVID-19 Surges Reinforce Professional Disinfecting Services

Due to a strain of COVID-19 being easily transmissible and stalled vaccination numbers, COVID is hitting many U.S. cities hard this fall and this is reinforcing the need for more professional disinfecting services. It has made developing Delta variant disinfection plans and services even more critical as many local communities like St. Louis and Belleville,…
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Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis

Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key, pt2

Last time we started talking about Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis area. This week we are wrapping up that discussion about the importance of regular carpet cleaning schedules and how it impacts your business. Fiber Abrasion Leads To Massive Damage In areas of your business that have a lot of foot, traffic carpeting wears out…
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Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key

Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key, pt1

As Carpet Cleaning Professionals in St. Louis, there is a new trend with businesses that is motivated by the need to save money. This trend is “reducing the frequency” of your carpet cleaning. I’m not talking about shampooing your carpets, but the regular vacuuming of your carpets. The simple truth is, this is a bad…
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5 Problems That’ll Make You Switch Cleaning Companies

Have you had a bad experience with cleaning companies? Are you overwhelmed with your current cleaning company? Do you find yourself annoyed by their performance on a daily basis? These are just some of the many challenges that you can face when dealing with a cleaning company that isn’t doing a good job as promised.…
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