Medical Cleaning In A Dental Office: What To Expect

Do you have a dental office in the St. Louis, Missouri region? If you answered yes, then you understand what it takes to operate a successful dental clinic. You know that you need a good dental office cleaning service. When you have a dirty office it is hard to attract and retain patients. Without regular rigorous cleanings throughout the week, you run the risk of harboring dangerous pathogens putting your clients at risk.

The challenge

The challenge you have before you is finding qualified commercial cleaning companies specializing in medical cleaning or dental office cleaning. Dental office cleaning falls under medical cleaning and that requires a higher level of training for cleaning professionals. This really makes it a niche inside of a niche industry. This is one of the areas that Grimebusters, Inc. is qualified in and trains their employees to effectively and safe do every day.

We know the importance of properly cleaning any medical facility. It can’t just be done by anyone. You have to understand the differences between disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces that have bio-hazards on them. To address this, we have a special cleaning protocol that we have developed over years of experience in cleaning medical offices.

The Process

Dental offices in the St. Louis region are governed by the same health and safety regulations as medical facilities. There are some cleaning companies out here that have strong records for cleaning properly in medical facilities. Do you know which ones they are? Here are some more questions to ask before you make the switch:

  • how much experience do they have cleaning medical facilities?
  • What type of training did they recieve?
  • How many of their customers are medical offices right now?
  • What is there cleaning process?
  • What type of quality control do they have in place to ensure offices get cleaned correctly?

Most people don’t look forward to the dentist, it’s one of the things we have to take care of in life. But when you walk into an office the is dirty in any area, that make the trip to the dentist even worse. You want your patients to leave your office actually feeling how clean you have made their teeth and how good you made them feel about their smile.

Cleaning your office should be the same way. Our goal is to start with medical grade cleaning and disinfecting of your facility ensuring your office is sanitary in appearance and feel. There are always germs lurking on the surface that you can’t see, but disinfecting those surfaces kills those germs giving your office the feeling of security that you, your employees and customers need.

Learn more about our dental office cleaning services and request a free consultation from our team at Grimebusters, Inc.

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