5 Signs Your Commercial Cleaning Company In St. Louis Is Not Doing A Good Job!

When you first hire a Commercial Cleaning Company, you set goals together and expect them to fulfill all of those goals on a regular basis. Over time, you may begin to question the quality of the Commercial Cleaning company and their services. You may even get to the point that you feel frustrated by the quality that they promised you based on the mutual goals that you set together. What can you do about it at this point? The last thing that you want to do is to ignore the issue(s). Here are five signs that you can look for to tell you if you need to make a change to a new Commercial Cleaning Company in St. Louis, Missouri.


1 How much time?

One way to tell if your cleaning service is cutting corners is validating the amount of time they spend on the job at your building. As a business owner, you believe that the cleaning service is doing a good job because there are no major issues. The reality is that they may be cutting corners here and there costing you money and employee satisfaction. Make sure they are working to the standards you want!


2 Is there regular communication?

When you hire any company for their services, one of the elements that is most important is communication. A good cleaning company will make an effort to follow up with you once a week or every other week. They will review with you the work that was done at each location. If they are not calling you to find out what is working and where potential problems are, that might be a sign of poor customer service.


3 Are there still dirty spots?

Take a walk through your building and look in the unusual places like stairwells, behind doors, and under sinks. These are the spots in your building that many cleaners will forget to clean because they are out of sight. Check for dirty spots on a regular basis to make sure your cleaning service is fulfilling their contract.


4 Do they have the right tools?

This really does seem like a simple one, but over the years I have seen cleaning companies not have the necessary tools to get the job done correctly. The people that show up at your building should have all of the necessary tools to clean completely and effectively. If they don’t have the right tools, that could be a sign that they are cutting corners on cleaning your office.


5 Are things missing?

This is the last thing that any company wants to worry about, but it is one that should never be ignored. Are things going missing? A good cleaning company will screen their employees before they hire them with a thorough background check. Many companies use a buddy system, this is another measure that will prevent theft. Make sure you check with the company you hire to see if they screen their employees before they hire them.


Before you get started with a cleaning company, sit down with the manager and set all of the expectations ahead of time. Then sign the contract knowing what is going to be done on a regular basis and how many hours each week you will be billed. A good cleaning company is going to have transparency, dependability and trustworthiness in working with you as their customer.



Rick is the President of Grimebusters, Inc. located in Bellville, Illinois. Providing Quality, Dependable, Value DrivenCommercial Cleaning Services For St. Louis and Metro East Region Since 1989. We Understand Customers Needs and Value Those Trusted Relationships As The Foundations Of Our Success!

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