Industrial & Manufacuring Cleaning Services


We Focus On Heavy Duty Cleaning, So You Can Focus On Manufacturing!

Manufacturing and Industrial CleaningGrimebusters, Inc. provides  Manufacturing and Industrial Cleaning Services for facilities in the St. Louis, Missouri and Metro East, Illinois region. We work with you to design a cleaning plan that fit your needs, takes care of the details of cleaning large industrial spaces and heavy-duty cleaning for manufacturing facilities. 

We Understand Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

Our team of professional cleaners are well trained and understand what it takes to clean very large spaces in industrial and manufacturing facilities. We have the experience in OSHA safety practices that are required for all workers when working around heavy machinery and hazardous materials. 


We Focus On Details of Cleaning

One size doesn't fit all! That is why Grimebusters Inc. specializes in Manufacturing and Industrial Cleaning Services. We understand that more than a cleaner. You need a team of experts that are well trained and have experience.  Some of the areas that we focus on are: 

  • OSHA safety regulations
  • Waiting rooms
  • Specialty flooring
  • Windows
  • Restrooms
  • Business offices
  • Carpets & hardwood floors
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Employee areas
  • Backdoors
  • Public restrooms

We don't stop there though. We make sure everything is clean and professional looking and ready for your employees. 

We Are Dedicated Professionals

While many cleaning companies outsource their cleaning services, you don't get that with Grimebusters, Inc. Our staff work directly for us and get to know each customer's needs. Each employee goes through a background check and expert training in cleaning practices and OSHA safety practices. 

Grimebusters Inc. makes sure that every job is cleaned to meet the customer's needs and exceed them. That is why we have a system where you can track the progress of our team cleaning your facility. Quality of service to every customer is important

What Does A Cleaning Service Cost?

When it's time to look for a new cleaning service it may seem like a daunting task. Our FREE pricing guide will help you to determine what a cleaning service should cost for your facility. Here's what's in our guide:

  • What factors determine costs
  • How to request a fair cleaning quote
  • How to compare hidden cost in cleaning
  • Rooms and Square footage for cleaning