Best Practices For Reopening Your Facility During Covid-19

As several states allow businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic to resume operations, business owners are ready to reopen. During the reopening of your business customers will scrutinize the visual appearance of your facility, question processes and procedures you might have in place to maintain cleanliness, health and safety of customers and workers.

Set Your Reopening Requirements

When preparing your facility after a temporary closure, don’t rush the process. Consider five of the best practices to make sure you are ready to open.

1 Conduct A Top To Bottom Cleaning

Get your cleaning staff together and perform a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of your building before it opens. Make sure you have enough cleaning and sanitizing products on hand. Follow the CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting for various surfaces throughout your building.

2 Eliminate Foul Odors

Facilities not only should look clean, but should smell clean too. According to Harris Poll, foul smells lead 56% of Americans to assume a facility is not clean. Odors in your building may be the result of mold, mildew, urine, feces or just body odors. A malodor-neutralizing agent eliminates instead of masking odors is in order.

3 Help Customers Sanitize Hands

Make sure you help stop the spread of pathogens in your facility with hand sanitizing stations throughout your building. The CDC recommends sanitizer that contains atleast 60% alcohol to kill germs effectively. Hand sanitizers are great for keeping people safe, hand-washing is even better. Make sure your bathrooms are clean and stocked with soap and paper towels on a consistent basis.

4 Address Germs and Hotspots Often

During a pandemic, it is easy to bring to attention the regular need to sanitize. Assure customers and employees your dedication to cleanliness. Cleaning your facility while customers and employees are present is a good way to reassure them that you are keeping them safe.

5 Crowd-Control Measures

As Covid-19 spreads, essential businesses, like supermarkets, medical offices, need to implement crowd-control measures to keep people at-least 6 feet apart. What can you do?

  • Give employees disposable gloves
  • Face masks
  • Avoid direct contact with foods and other surfaces

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