Carpet Cleaning Is Key In Your Business

Making sure your carpets are clean in your office are not just for manager, owners but also employees. Keeping your office carpet spic and span creates an important first impression for your customers. There many key points to focus on why regular carpet cleaning is so important. Here are just a few of those points.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Carpets

Indoor air quality can deteriorate quickly in enclosed office spaces. Germs and micro organisms can spread through your office space air and surfaces without regular cleaning. Office supplies like paper, furniture and cleaning products are known to release (VOC) pollutants that can trigger air allergies. Combine these factors with poor ventilation in your office and a dirty carpet and you have dangerous health conditions.

Vacuum Daily

Foot traffic can leave dirt and grime on your carpet as people walk all over them. These particles can grind into the fibers of your carpets and trap dirt, grime and allergens there. Airborne pollutants such as dust and pollen also linger on the carpet. All of these particles act like sandpaper to the carpet fibers causing wear and tear.

The best defense against dirt, grime and allergen buildup is to vacuum regularly. Your maintenance plan should include vacuuming daily those high traffic areas.

  • What about carpet deep cleaning?
  • How often do you deep clean?

Walk Off Mats Are Key

Foot traffic will leave dirt and grime on your hard surface floors and your carpets. Before dirt and grime even enters the premises, stop it at the door. Place walk-off mats that trap most of the debris at the entrance of your building. This will help to reduce most of that dirt, grime, allergens, salt and sand.
Absorbent textiles and scraper mats often prevent up to eighty percent of dirt, dust and moisture from accumulating on your indoor carpets.

Don’t Rub That Stain

If a customer or employee spills something on your carpets, blot the area immediately. One of the most common mistakes that people make is to scrub that stain. Scrubbing or wiping the stain will spread the stain further across and deeper into the carpet fibers.

The best way to prevent permanent stains is to take care of the spills by blotting them up with super absorbent materials.

Don’t Leave Chemical On Carpet

Most professional cleaning companies will use a hot water extraction method to deep clean your carpets. With all of the possibilities of stains happening in your office the last thing you want to do is clean the stain and then leave trace chemicals on your carpet.

Chemical residue can make soiling on your carpet worse and attract more dirt than you had to begin with. Make sure you are using properly diluted chemicals to break down grease, dirt and grime. Then use a hot water extraction to properly remove all the stain and cleaning chemcial as to prevent damage to the carpet fibers.

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