A Commercial Cleaners Vision of a Healthier Workplace

At Grimbusters, Inc, we spend a fair amount of time contemplating what it takes to make a healthy workspace. One of the first steps is having Commercial Cleaners that have a great work ethic and a hawk-eye for detail. Next, you need to know through education what are the best cleaning products and techniques for each type of cleaning situation you will encounter. One of the final components are EPA rated disinfectants, microfiber cloths, and HEPA filters on your vacuum cleaners.

Commercial Cleaners

Is this enough to provide you with a healthy clean workplace? Some will say yes. We don’t think so. The last component is, you need a vision of what a clean healthy office space is going to look like in your business.

Are you looking for a healthier workplace? Try starting with thinking like a commercial cleaning company. Don’t worry, we’ll help you take some steps to start thinking that way.

Here’s How To Get Your Vision Of A Healthy Workplace

1 Poor Cleaning Practices
The main for us as a commercial cleaner is the create a healthy workspace for you and your employees. Poor cleaning practices have been proven through various studies to increase sick days and decrease productivity. Here is an infographic from ISSA about this.

2 The Messy Kid
Almost everyone has an inner messy kid just waiting to get out. Yes, you can encourage employees to not be messy at work, but the reality is there is always going to be degree of messiness in your workplace you have to accept. This will means you will need to change and adapt your cleaning practices to encompass this messiness.

3 Protect From Infection
Keeping your employees healthy means protecting them from infection. This means you have to kill the germs at the source. The most common places where germs are spread are in high traffic areas. These high-touch surfaces are doors, faucets, computer keyboards and copiers. These surfaces require a thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

4 Quality Air Control
Another factor in maintaining a healthy workplace is the indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality has been proven to be dangerous for your workers and customers. This has a direct effect on their productivity and your bottom line. With the right cleaning products, materials and equipment and Commercial Cleaners you can help to limit the indoor air pollution like dust, mold, bacteria and chemical fumes.

Does your workplace need a better quality in services form a commercial cleaner? Call Grimebusters today at Toll Free: 866.272.7847 or lean more about our commercial cleaning services.

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