Do Tile Floors Need To Be Sealed?

Your office is much more than a building. The building you work in is a big part of your life and your employees lives. We all desire to make our work and home lives as healthy as possible. You might not have thought about this, but sealing the tile floors in lobby areas, bathrooms and anywhere else is part of keeping your business looking great and running well.

Is Sealant Really Important?

The simple answer to that is, Yes! But there is much more to that answer. Let’s cover some of the basics. Grout is a mixture that can be various colors and it fills the gaps between your floor tiles. Grout is made up of sand and is an effective and affordable way to fill the holes. Because grout is porous, it’s a prime place for dirt, grime, and bacteria to live and breed. It holds bacteria, mold, fungus, and dirt very well.

When you seal the grout, it makes them last longer and effectively protects your floor from holding all of those things that can make you sick. This is especially important in locker rooms and bathrooms in corporate environments.

Extra Care When Needed

Some rooms in your office building get more attention than others and rightly so. This depends on what type of room it is. For example: Bathrooms get a lot of attention because of the toilets, sinks and urinals and all of the porous materials that need to be cleaned and disinfected. All of those surfaces that can hold bacteria are considered “hot spots” and they should be the highest priority when cleaning.

Bathrooms contain a high amount of moisture on surfaces and in the air. This makes bathrooms very high on the priority list and the place most often that bacteria and other germs are transmitted. Mold is another problem in a bathroom when there isn’t proper ventilation and proper layout for sinks and toilets.

In these areas, it is critical to have your floors sealed. You clean them first, then seal them. With tile and VCT surfaces, you have to clean them with a steam cleaner or a cleaning machine that can get deep into the porous materials.

Toilet sink interior of public toilet with of washing hands and mirror ,clean toilet

Tils Is An Investment

Tile is very appealing for homes and for offices because of the beauty. Often they can create a very stunning effect in a office that wows customers and employees. You want them to last as long as possible, allowing you to enjoy them for year to come. That is why hiring a professional cleaning company that understands how to clean tile and VCT surfaces and seal them is important.

Do you have VCT or tile in your office? How about the bathrooms in your building? What preventative measures are you taking to keep them clean and sealed properly? These are just a few question to ask yourself.

If you don’t have a maintenance plan in place, we can help you with that. We have years of experience in maintaining all types of surfaces for clients all over St. Louis and Metro East.

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