Five Types of Employees That Make Workplace Hygience Bad

With over 20+ years in the cleaning industry in the St. Louis region, our team of professional cleaners have seen all kinds of employees habits. Some of these issues stem from poor workplace design. Sometimes they’re the result of poor janitorial services. Many times though it starts with the employee in the workplace. Below are the top five types of employees to watch for in your workplace.

1. The Person Who Eats At Their Desk

This person eats at their desk and it may seem like a smart move because they can accomplish two task at the same time. The problem with eating at your desk is you don’t give your brain time to recharge. This reduces your effectiveness throughout the afternoon. Another thing that happens is crumbs, juices, and oils get on your mouse and in your keyboard. This is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

2. Don’t Wash To Quick

You’ve seen them. They go into the restroom to use the facility and then rinse their hands or just walk out without washing their hands properly. The quick washer is someone that treats a trip to the bathroom as no big deal. They create cross contamination scenarios because they touch everything after being exposed to fecal matter and other germs. They bring this back into the office and touch the copier, phone, computer, etc.. Without washing your hands to disinfect you spread germs.

3. The Cell Phone

Cell phones are one of the worst magnets for germs. Workers who can’t put their phones away will get more bacteria on their touchscreens. If they bring their phone to the bathroom like most people, they bring that bacteria back out into the office with them and cross contaminate surfaces.

4. The Over Sharing Person

This type of employee is one that has a generous heart and wants to help others, but may overlook the fact of transferring germs to the food that they are touching or equipment they use. This type of person is often one that forgets to coverup when coughing and shares with other employees through the surfaces that they touch.

5. Issues with hygiene

To avoid issues with hygiene with workers, make hygiene a priority in your workplace. It starts with educating your employees about the importance of cleanliness. Work with you janitorial service on ways to compensate for unhygienic workers. If you are having trouble keeping on top of unhygienic workers, give us a call at Grimebusters (866) 272-7847.

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