How Much Does a Cleaning Service Charge?

Cleaning service(s) for your dental office are key. If you have a dental office located in the St. Louis, Missouri area, then you are aware of the key components needed to run a prosperous dental clinic. One crucial aspect is having a reliable dental office cleaning company. A clean office is essential for attracting and keeping patients. Neglecting regular thorough cleanings can result in the accumulation of harmful pathogens, potentially putting your clients in danger.

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The obstacle

Finding commercial cleaning companies that specialize in medical cleaning and dental office cleaning can be a challenge. This type of cleaning requires a higher level of training for professionals, as it falls under the category of medical cleaning. It can be considered a niche within a niche industry. Grimebusters, Inc. is well-equipped and trained in this area, ensuring that their employees are able to efficiently and safely provide these services on a daily basis.

The attached image shows a medical chair from Grime Busters Inc., which was taken on February 2019.

We are aware of the significance of effectively sanitizing medical facilities. This task cannot be performed by just anyone. It requires a thorough understanding of the distinction between disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces that are contaminated with bio-hazards. To tackle this issue, we have devised a specialized cleaning protocol based on our extensive experience in cleaning medical offices.

The Methodology

The dental clinics in the St. Louis area abide by the identical health and safety protocols as medical establishments. There are certain cleaning firms in this region that possess commendable track records in properly maintaining medical facilities. Are you familiar with these companies? Consider asking the following questions before making the transition:

  • What is the extent of their experience in cleaning medical facilities?
  • What kind of training have they undergone?
  • What percentage of their current clients are medical offices?
  • What is their procedure for cleaning?
  • What measures do they have in place for quality control to ensure proper cleaning of offices?

The majority of individuals do not anticipate going to the dentist, as it is a necessary task in life. However, stepping into an unclean office can make the dental experience even more unpleasant. It is crucial for patients to leave the office with a sense of cleanliness and satisfaction with their smile.

Just like maintaining a clean office, our main aim is to begin with a professional level of cleaning and disinfecting your establishment, ensuring that it maintains a hygienic and inviting appearance. Even though there may be unseen germs on surfaces, disinfecting them eliminates these germs, providing a sense of safety for you, your staff, and your clients.

Explore our dental office cleaning solutions and reach out to Grimebusters, Inc. for a complimentary consultation with our team.

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What Does A Cleaning Service Cost?

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