Identifying Bad Bathroom Odors and Removing Them

Does the restroom in your building smell? Do they have air fresheners in the bathroom? Why does it always smell bad even after being cleaned? This is really an open-ended question that has a lot of potential answers.

Regardless of the type of smell, you have in your bathroom, the first thing you want to do is steer clear of air fresheners. These devices cover up bad smells and don’t eliminate the problem. Now you are just adding a pleasant smell on top of a bad smell (you hope).

Odor Eliminators

There are a lot of good odor eliminators on the market today. One that is very popular is the “bad air sponge” The bad air sponge works by eliminating odor molecules in the as well as pulling out bad odors from porous materials in your bathroom. It goes beyond just covering up smells, it neutralizes bad smells.

Air Purifiers

Once you have gone out and gotten a good odor neutralizer and you still smell something in your bathroom, it could be poor air circulation. This is a much larger problem depending on how large your bathroom is and what type of bathroom. You will need a better air circulation system to push air through the bathroom. In a commercial setting you would look at the HVAC system, but in a smaller business, you could use a plugin air filtration system. These small but powerful air purifiers and another great option for your bathroom. Holmes makes comes in at a price of $30 and plugin into the closest outlet.

Not A Urine Problem
If the stink of urine isn’t the problem, then you might have a mildew odor in your bathroom. You could have to much moisture, in that case, you will want to get rid of the excessive moisture with a variety of products like “DampRid”. This works great to keep the moisture at bay. Plants like ferns or lilies are great for purifying the air and keeping moisture at bay too. They also add a little decor to the bathroom.

Close The Lids

Many odors come from the urinal or the toilet. When you are using the toilet, make sure to flush the toilet with the lid down. When you flush it creates an aerosol effect that spread fecal matter around the stall resulting in the fecal matter being spread throughout the restroom. Sorry, it’s gross but true. Make sure you clean the walls inside each stall daily to reduce the spread of these germs.

Clean The Restroom

When you are operating a business with employees or the general public in your facility, you should have a proper cleaning routine to keep your bathrooms clean throughout the day. Make sure there is a checklist that shows how often you clean the bathroom to prevent the spread of germs with your patrons and employees.

If you don’t have the staff or time to take care of this, give us a call and we can come in daily, weekly, etc. to make sure your facility is cleaned from top to bottom.



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