Let’s Talk About Janitorial Cleaning Services and Toilets

Let’s get real and talk about toilets and janitorial cleaning services. No one really wants to talk about bathrooms and how to really clean them for the health of your customers and employees. However, cleanliness is serious business! Now that we are two years out from COVID-19, sanitization and disinfection is a hot topic everywhere. That is why commercial cleaning services focus on cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms more than ever.

 janitorial cleaning services

Let’s paint the picture. You visit your local favorite business to do some shopping or conduct business and do to use the bathroom. While in there you notice that the restroom is very dirty. Toilets and not clean, there are smudge marks on the mirrors, and there is graffiti on the stall walls. The everyday cleaning tasks sheet on the back of the door is not filled out properly. This is a direct reflection of the business owner and the employees that work there. You ask yourself, “Will I visit here again? This is disgusting!”

Sadly, this happens more often than you would expect in commercial buildings. It Doesn’t take much for a bathroom to develop a bad reputation in your workspace. Bathrooms with a good reputation can bring business in and increase your customer base. People that find clean bathrooms know where to stop for snacks and other services.

What Should You Expect from a Good Janitorial Cleaning Company?

 janitorial cleaning services

The problem of perception!

The appearance of your company’s bathrooms is a direct reflection of your business. Your janitor or janitorial cleaning services should be cleaning your restrooms daily depending on traffic. If a client ducks into your bathroom during a meeting and is less than impressed at the state of the stench, it will hurt your business relationship. Things that turn employees and customers off are:

  • Overflowing trash cans
  • Dirty floors
  • Foul odors
  • Missing toilet paper
  • Unflushed toilets
  • Dirty toilets and toilet seats
  • Graffiti

2020 In-House/Facility Management Benchmarking Survey from Cleaning and Maintenance Management reported that restrooms were the most problematic area for facility managers by more than double. The study also found that 90% of U.S. adults think that workplace restrooms should be deep-cleaned regularly. Maintaining your restrooms reduces complaints, both from your staff and from your customers. This also reduces the word-of-mouth spreading of bad news to friends, family and other customers. Bad news travels faster than good news, which increases the importance of keeping your bathrooms clean in your office building.

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The Health Benefits of Cleanliness

Bathrooms are the ideal place to breed bacteria. Janitorial service(s) are the best way to combat the breeding of bacteria. Restrooms with hand washing, air dryers, toilets, and urinal flushing constantly introduce moisture into the air into your restroom. A study in the journal of “Applied and Environmental Microbiology” showed that over 70,000 bacteria and viruses can exist in restrooms. These germs threaten the health of your employees and customers, and they contribute to bad odors too.

By committing to hiring a commercial cleaning company for janitorial cleaning services for your restrooms, you will keep your restroom cleaning done on a weekly basis which will keep germs and bacteria at bay. The care of everyday cleaning duties for your in-house crew will be reduced and the deep cleaning will be left to commercial cleaners. This will improve the appearance of your facility, increase employee productivity because they will feel good about their work environment, and increase your bottom line.

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What are the costs?

Interestingly, businesses with dirty restrooms end up spending more money on supplies on a regular basis than those with clean facilities. Why? Because people use extra toilet paper and paper towels to cover their seats, touch the flush handle, and open doors when using the restroom. Dirty restrooms without regular maintenance services may not be named for employee turnover, but they are part of the problem according to Bradley Company. Eighty-Three percent of workers view the condition of the workplace restroom as a measure of the value of the company they work for. The average American worker uses the bathroom three to four times per day.

If your janitorial company is not focusing on customer satisfaction and customer service with different types of cleaning services for schools, business offices, manufacturing, and medical facilities you are left out in the cold with a dirty facility. Service providers like Grimebusters has to focus on cleaning for health and not just cleaning for appearance. That is why our employees clean for appearance and health to make sure your business is looking great and is germ and bacteria-free with proper disinfecting services for your customers and employees.

What else do we offer for commercial cleaning services?

At Grimebusters we offer office cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial janitorial services, power washing, upholstery cleaning, and grout cleaning, for small businesses and bigger cleaning jobs like stadiums, educational facilities, government buildings and one-time jobs. Our commercial cleaning services cover industries like auto dealerships, banks and financial institutions, office cleaning, government building cleaning, manufacturing and industrial cleaning, medical facility cleaning, houses of worship and schools and universities.

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