Reopening Your Business After Covid-19

As businesses begin to open up after the past two months of stay-at-home orders, employers will need to come up with detailed plans to keep workers and customers safe. Here are some suggestions to make returning to work safe for everyone.

One of the most important aspects of reopening your business will be customer confidence.

As a commercial cleaning company in the St. Louis, Metro East region we understand the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy workplace.

As the business owner, you’ll need to take the utmost precaution to adapt your office into a safe environment. While uncertainty looms across America the best thing businesses can do is reopen well-prepared to deal with Covid-19.

1 Set Personal No Contact Rules

Limit handshaking, closed meeting spaces, hugging or any other physical contact during this time.

2 Encourage No Item Sharing

Limit exposure with employees and customers by limiting shared objects like pens, staplers, notebooks, dry erase markers, desk spaces, file folders, computers or anything else that normally would be shared between employee to employee or customer to employee.

3 Reconfigure Your Floor Plan

This might be possible for some people, but not everyone. Reconfigure workspaces to maximize the 6 foot rule. This will apply to customers and employees and visitors.

4 Close Common Areas

During this time reconfigure office hangout spots to minimize socializing. The goal is to keep people atleast 6 feet apart while gathering at work.

5 Reconfigure Break Rooms

Employees will need breaks, legally and mentally. Does your breakroom have enough space to accommodate employees and still maintain a safe distance?

6 Sanitizing Stations

Invest in safety equipment for your workers and customers. Make a point to buy hand sanitizers and make them freely available across your business or office space.

7 Create Face Mask Rules

While heading federal and local authorities, create face mask rules that are appropriate for your line of business.

8 Communal Cleaning Rules

If your business has equipment in common areas like the break room, bathrooms, kitchen, copy machines, etc., make sure you post directions how to clean after use.

9 Face Mask Rules

While listening to the direction of the CDC, federal and state guidelines, create face mask rules.

10 Limit Number of People

Post in your office the number of people allowed per each room. Adjust your business hours to accommodate the number of people and safety requirements.

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