St. Louis, MO: Commerical Janitorial Cleaning Services

St. Louis, Missouri is a bustling city full of great neighborhoods to live in, plenty of sights to see when visiting and a robust commerce life. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, St. Louis has a lot to offer anyone.

St. Louis, Missouri

When visiting

St. Louis is the gateway city bustling full of options from sports events, to live music to theatre and much more.

There are approximately 135 hotels in the city and more than 300 things to do when visiting or if you live here. The city is heavily influenced by the Westward expansion and blues music. The big must see if the “Gateway Arch“, the Museum of Westward Expansion and the St. Louis Cathedral.

St. louis, missouri

Living In St. Louis, MO

The estimated population of St. Louis is 320,000 people. This is the second largest city in Missouri. Founded in 1764 by the French during fur trading. The town was incorporated in 1803 and was eventually acquired by the United States as part of the Louisiana purchase. The city covers roughly 62 square miles and has a lot of manufacturing that is very important to the cities economy.

Famous Residents

  • Josephine Baker singer;
  • Yogi Berra baseball player;
  • Chuck Berry singer and guitarist;
  • Grace Bumbry mezzo-soprano;
  • Morris Carnovsky actor;
  • T. S. Eliot poet;
  • Eugene Field poet;
  • Redd Foxx comedian;
  • Joe Garagiola baseball player;
  • John Goodman actor;
  • Betty Grable actress;
  • Dick Gregory comedian;
  • Al Hirschfeld cartoonist;
  • Kevin Kline actor;
  • David Merrick producer;
  • Vincent Price actor;
  • Judy Rankin golfer;
  • Leon Spinks boxer;
  • Herbert Bayard Swope journalist;
  • Sara Teasdale poet;
  • Helen Traubel soprano;
  • Roy Wilkins civil rights leader.

Living In St. Louis “Rules”

  1. Don’t miss a Cardinals game as Busch Stadium. This is important if you are living in St. Louis. There is no such thing as a bad game at the stadium.
  2. You must eat the pizza! It isn’t a St. Louis pizza if it isn’t covered with tons of cheese and tons of red sauce with oregano.
  3. Visit the best museums! The city museum isn’t for kids. Yes, they’ll have a great time, but adults love the museum here too.
  4. Blueberry Hill is a must visit! This museum has been open for over 40 years and is known for its rocking jukebox collection, statue of Chuck Berry and a huge collection of pop culture memorabilia.

Things to check out if you want to move here