Three Ways Clean Carpets Can Boost Your Profit

Did you know that cleaning your office carpets can help to boost the productivity of your employees? It may seem like a trivial task, but it can significantly impact your business.

Recent studies show that the indoor air quality “environment” people spend each day can significantly affect their productivity and overall health. 

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#1 Clean Carpets Improve Employee Health

The average person in your office building will spend over 13 years of their life working. The atmosphere where you work, more importantly, the indoor air quality will affect your health for the better or worse.

 Studies show that when employers focus on the health of their employees and the office environment, employees are more productive, healthier, and happier. 

A significant part of your office life are the many surfaces that you touch throughout a typical workday. These surfaces are riddled with bacteria and allergens. The biggest culprit is the carpeting in your office. Routine commercial carpet cleaning and office cleaning can rid your carpets, floors, and other surfaces of their germs. 

Each time your employees breathe in your office, they are breathing in allergens, germs, dust, and other pollutants that can lead to a variety of illnesses and respiratory issues. 

#2 – Healthy Employees Are Happier and Healthier

How do healthy employees help your business? They are more creative, more productive, happier, and yield a higher quality of work, which is better for your business. 

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#3 – Employees Set The Standard

If you encourage and give your employees incentives to take pride in a clean office environment, they’ll be more likely to be engaged in caring for their workspace. Employees rise to the standard that you set in our company. If you are more inclined to keep your workspace clean, your employees will follow your example. 

This example is set by having a cleaning company clean your office on a daily or bi-weekly basis. Cleaning all of the carpets in your office once or twice a year will also improve that example. Offer incentives for recycling and cleaning breakrooms and employee workspaces too. 

If you are not sure where to start, give us a call at Grimebusters, inc. Our team of professional cleaners can help you create a regular cleaning routine that’ll make your office a cleaner and healthier place to work. 

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