Top Commercial Cleaning Cart Factors to Consider Before you Buying

Commercial Cleaning carts come in many shapes and sizes and are made from many different types of materials. Some are plastic, cloth or metal. It is like buying a car. You do not just purchase the car; you have to access many factors in why you need the car and what the car is going to be used for. Some of the carts today have locking drawers, pullout tables and many more options to fit the needs of the environment and the user.

Top Commercial Cleaning Cart Factors to Consider Before you Buying 1

In a large facility like a hospital or commercial building, a cleaning cart is an essential tool that is used in the custodial industry. These vehicles hold the cleaning supplies and equipment that are needed to perform the task at hand. The save a considerable amount of time because custodian has everything they need with them. Here are five factors to consider before you buy your next custodial cleaning cart.

1 What type of environment is the cart going to be used in?

Top Commercial Cleaning Cart Factors to Consider Before you Buying 2

The kind of environment that the cart is going to be used in will affect not just the custodian using it, it may affect the patients or employees in the building around them. Here are some common questions to ask about the environment it will be used in.

  1. What types of surfaces will the janitorial cart be used on?
  2. Will the custodian have to go in and out of an elevator on a regular basis?
  3. How far in a day will they have to push the cart?
  4. Will they be using the janitorial cart inside or outside of the building?
  5. Are they working in a building that has noise restrictions, like a hospital?

2. What type of tasks will the custodian be performing?

This one question will have a large impact on the type of janitorial cart you choose. If they are in a hospital, then you would have a cart that can carry linens. If they are in a large warehouse, then you would not need the linen basket on that cart. There are hundreds of different options that you can choose for the cart. Here are some questions to think through the tasks that will be performed.

  1. Which of your custodians will be using the cart?
  2. Will they have to stock materials like (toilet papers, paper towels, linens, etc..) on the cart?
  3. Will they be cleaning restrooms with the cart?
  4. Will they have to carry a vacuum cleaner on the cart?
  5. Will they be mopping floors and need a water bucket or need floor cleaning supplies?
  6. Will they be storing medical equipment on the cart?
  7. Will they be cleaning and disposing of medical waste with the cart?
  8. Will the custodians be leaving the cart for any length of time?

Choosing the right janitorial cart for your custodians can mean the difference between a very productive employee and a less productive employee. A cleaning cart is one of essential tools in the custodian industry. Think through all of these questions and come up with some of your own before you purchase your next car.

Once you have figured out what your needs are, here are a couple good links to start the research process for the perfect janitorial cart.

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