Top Concerns Every Boss Cares About In Commercial Restroom Cleaning

How you equip your restroom in your business can affect your employees and customers. A poor restroom atmosphere can create poor employee morale and turn customers away from your business. When you don’t address the restroom on a regular basis, you will in time attract flies, rodents, and cockroaches. Don’t let the restroom turn away customers and employees. Here are seven areas that you should focus on to keep your customers happy.

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1 Clean the floor

  • When you are cleaning, the floors don’t go overboard with mopping. When you leave excessive water behind, you create a breeding ground for pests. All they need is some water and food and you have a problem.
  • Pay attention to the amount of moisture in the air and the drains in your restrooms. Dry drain pipes can emit odors which attract pests while wet drains promote breeding. Find the balance in your restrooms by removing too much moisture with a dehumidifier or overhead fan.
  • Don’t let your drains get stinky. Odors that emit from the drain can be prevented by pouring water down the drain once in a while.
  • Maintain the tile floors, if you have broken tiles, replace them quickly. Water that gets underneath the tiles will damage the floor and eventually cause an odor in the room.

2 Toilets and Urinals

One of the unsightly problems that you come across as a business owner is an unflushed toilet or urinal. When this happens, it emits foul smells that pests and rodents love and repel your staff and customers from your establishment. Don’t let this happen, install hands-free toilets, urinals and sinks. The automatic infrared sensors keep things flushed and help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

3 Sinks and Soap Dispensers

Any time that you have a dripping faucet that leaks water on a regular basis you create an excessive amount of water in your bathroom. Even the smallest quantity of water can keep pests around and attract them to your bathroom.

One of the best ways to keep the sinks, soap dispensers, and hand dryers from attracting pests and rodents is to go touch-free. Most modern bathrooms are completely touch-free and reduce the leaky faucets and excessive usage of paper towels and soap at the sink.

4 Take the Trash Out

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and found that they trash overflowing? The trash can is one area of your restroom that can fill up very quickly, but also when it overflows, it attracts those pests. Make sure you put liners in all of your trash cans to reduce residue buildup. Use tight fitting lids on trashcans to prevent rodents from getting in. Once a week wash down the garbage cans to keep them clean from residue buildup.

5 Air Quality

When you walk in the bathroom, the last thing that you want to smell is urine or an unflushed toilet. Even if you can’t smell the stench, rodents can smell it. Make sure you have an automatic odor neutralizer in the room that dispenses on a regular basis throughout the room. Eliminating the odors are great, but sometimes you need to put air fresheners in there to help with the smell too.

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