10 Office Cleaning Tips To Organizing Your Space

When was the last time you did a little office cleaning? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work and paperwork that needs to be done each day? Well, don’t worry – you’re not alone! In fact, according to a recent study, 62% of office workers feel overwhelmed at some point during their workday. To help you cope with the stress of a hectic office environment, we’ve come up with 10 cleaning tips that will help you organize your space and reduce clutter. From purging your office of clutter to establishing specific work zones, these tips will help you reclaim your sanity and get more done in less time. So give them a try and see how much better your workspace becomes!

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1 Purge Your Office Space of Clutter

Organizing your office space is key to keeping it clean and tidy. One of the best ways to do this is by clearing the space of all clutter. Even in the commercial cleaning industry, we end up with messy office spaces at times. The goal in office cleaning for your desk is decluttering. Get rid of everything that you don’t need in, on or around your desk that you don’t need. It will take a little dedication but you will be glad that you did this. Take on one area in your office at a time. The last thing you want to do is not complete the decluttering process.

To make cleaning up a breeze, group items into appropriate containers. This will take the guesswork out of cleaning and decluttering, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for much faster. For storage, use storage bins and hooks to hang tools, jumpers, or other supplies you use often. Store paperwork in a centralized location instead of scattering it around the office. And finally, keep everything in perspective by taking the time to look at your space as a whole. By doing this, you’ll be able to make better decisions about how to organize and clean your office space.

Office Cleaning

2 Collect Clutter and Redistribute

Now that you have gone through everything in your office space, it is time to think like a cleaning company. Deep cleaning is the next goal in office cleaning and organizing your office space. Throw away, and shred anything that you don’t need in the clutter that you have collected. If there are things that you need to keep, redistribute them to the designated spaces in your office. Most of the time this is filing cabinets, organizing trays etc. that keep your office space clear and each to manage. Don’t forget about the little things in your office like knick-knacks, plants and other decorations. If they are covered in dust, that means that you have not touched or moved them in a long time. Now is the time to think about dusting, deep cleaning and disinfecting your office space. Take it down, clean it up and find a new home for it or get rid of it.

3 Establish Your Work Zone

Zoom out in your office space and think about the office building as a whole, they often have a layout that is purposeful for their workers. Cleanliness is one of the goals in your office space. Grab a piece of paper and map out zones in your office and what their function is going to be. Designate those zones for what type of activity will happen in your office. You’ll probably have a main work zone, which often is your desk space. Many offices have a small closet or shelves to store items needed. Place the appropriate equipment and supplies in those zones.

When you are establishing your work zone, place the items that you use the most in close proximity (within reach) of your desk space. The things in your office that you use the most should be close to your desk. You should place the items that are going to be moved by a commercial cleaning service like your trash near your desk and the trash near your bathroom out in the open where they can easily see it and access it.

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4 Start Labeling

Organizing your office can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Excellence for commercial cleaning companies starts with organizing and labeling items for their staff. By starting with labeling, it will be much easier to get everything in its rightful place. Label every drawer, file cabinet, and shelf in your office, and create folders for each item using the labels you created in step one. This will make cleaning up a breeze! Once everything is labeled, it will be easy to find what you need when cleaning up your workspace. So go ahead and get started – your office will thank you!

5 Revise Your File System

Clearing out your office space and cleaning it regularly can be a daunting task. However, by following these 10 office cleaning tips, it will be a breeze. One way to improve your office cleaning is to revise your file system. Take a lesson from medical facilities and how they label and organize everything. As many team members and companies move towards a digital office, the need to store paper documents is becoming less important. What can you store digitally? You may be able to eliminate many of the filing cabinets in your office by scanning and storing your documents digitally in a state-of-the-art service like sharefile or if you are in a larger company a company server. If done right, with a little hard work scanning all of those documents and organizing them digitally and storing them in a system with regular backups will save the company money and time.

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6 Ideas For Your File System

Here are some storage ideas for your file system. Every company is different, so the need is going to be different for each office space.

  • Create a meeting folder: Put all items to be discussed in that folder, including items that need to be handed off, reports that need to be sent out. This will prepare you for your next meeting.
  • Create a (WOR – Waiting on Response) folder. So much of our messy desk space is taken up with items that we are waiting on. This is a great place to store all of those items. It can be a folder or bin. But this is the place that all of those WOR items are going to live until you have a decision. Check on these items every few days.
  • Storage boxes or filing cabinets are a way to file those things away if you have to keep paper copies. Make sure you label them so cleaners don’t think they are trash. Use magazine boxes or binders instead of filing cabinets. These are less expensive and are easy to access or recycle when needed.
  • Create a reading folder. This folder is for documents that are not urgent. Often there are items that we want to read or hold onto for a little while. In the United States, we are bombarded with information overload, this is a way to keep that flow at bay.
  • File weekly – don’t let these file folders for your organizing pile up. It is very easy to let it get cluttered. Once a week, go through all of those items and move them or throw them away. The goal is to have a zero inbox.

7 Organize Your Desktop

Keeping your office clean and organized is a crucial part of productivity. Here are 10 cleaning tips to help you get started:

-Clear your desk of everything except the essentials—your computer, laptop, phone, and glasses.

-Use cabinets or drawers to store paperclips, Post-its, pens, and other small office supplies.

-Make use of wall shelves and hooks to organize CDs, USB drives, magazines, and other reading materials.

-Store binders、calendars、and planners on rolling carts for easy access.

8 Organize Your Drawers

Office cleaning can be a hectic and time-consuming task, but with the right cleaning tips, it can be easier and more manageable. Start by taking the time to inventory all of your office supplies. Once you have a list of what needs to be cleaned, it’s time to get to work. Here are 10 cleaning tips that will help you organize your space and make cleaning easier:

9 Separate Your Inboxes (Digitally)

Having an organized office is key to staying productive. In the janitorial cleaning industry, we have to stay organized, that is part of what we do for a living every day. One way to achieve this is by separating your inbox into personal and work emails. This way, you can easily identify which emails are related to your work and which are personal. As you file emails, it will be easier for you to keep your inbox clean! Whenever you have a moment, take a quick scan through the folders to see if there are any messages that need responses ASAP.

10 Filter Emails (Inbox Zero)

Email is one of the other areas in daily business life that needs a deep cleaning too. One of the best ways to start is by filtering your emails. This will help you focus on the important messages and reduce the number of emails that go to your inbox without being read. Next, create rules for specific folders so that only certain types of files are sent to your inbox. If you need to get an email out of your inbox but it’s not meeting one of your filters, use “as is” instead of deleting it completely – this will save it in a separate folder for future reference.

Most people save emails that they get from clients, vendors and coworkers, these can easily get lost or cluttered in your inbox. Take a lesson from professional cleaning services and set up folders in alphabetical order to organize your customers from vendors from coworkers. In this file system, create lots of sub-folders. The move you setup your digital file structure in your email program and on your computer, the easier it will be to find those emails and files later on when you need them.


In this blog, we’ve provided you with 10 office cleaning tips that will help you declutter and organize your space in a snap. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to free up valuable floor space and streamline your work process. Are you ready to get organized? Check out our website for more helpful tips on how to declutter and organize your office space!

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