Commercial Cleaning To Keep Your Glass Surfaces Clean!

Without a dedicated commercial cleaning maintenance crew, keeping an office clean and shining may be tough. An office is a public area, in addition to the sheer square footage of a typical workspace. Streaks in windows and dirt and debris tracked in by numerous hands and feet are common.

Keeping the glass in windows, doors, and other surfaces should be a top priority when it comes to prioritizing areas in your workspace. The busiest areas are in these places. The quantity of grime that may accumulate on glass surfaces would astound you. Thankfully, keeping the glass clean, sparkly, and streak-free is easier than you think. You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about how to keep your office’s glass surfaces clean.

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7 Ways Your Glass Should Be Cleaned in Your Office

1 Clean From The Top To The Bottom of Doors and Windows

Any glass surface is vulnerable to streaks. The simplest ways to make any room seem unkempt are with fingerprints and little pieces of debris on windows and doors. Using an office cleaning service for cleaning windows from top to bottom is therefore highly recommended. You enable gravity to work with you when you clean surfaces from the top to the bottom. When you wipe, cleaning products (cleaner(s) drip in the same direction, so moving is optimal. It’s a good idea to use a dry cloth to remove any dust that has accumulated on the surface. The type of dry cloth you use in office cleaning will make a difference. We recommend that you use a microfiber cloth that won’t leave streaks or lint on your glass. This is one of the many tricks of the trade that janitorial services are trained on that the general public often misses to get streak-free windows and doors.

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2 Schedule Your Cleaning Regularly Based On Your Business Traffic

On a sunny day when you can see all the dirt and debris, it may be tempting to clean your office windows, but this isn’t the best practice according to most commercial cleaning services. On a cloudy day, cleaning glass surfaces in office buildings is best. The glass surface may have streaks from the sun. Heat attracts quicker to dry cleaning products on windows and doors. These compounds frequently produce a sticky residue that is hard to wash off.

Most cleaning companies are trained on this fact. That is why when they approach a small business and talk about the many different types of cleaning available, they spend a little extra time educating some of the best practices that they get from the IICRC. The goal for every commercial cleaning service is excellence in cleaning and offer the best office cleaning services.

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3 Invest In The Proper Cleaning Tools For the Job

A squeegee is definitely the most important purchase you’ll want to make to keep your windows and doors clean. This tiny, cost-effective equipment may make a huge impact on your office cleaning. When it comes to removing chemical residue from cleaning products, a rag isn’t often enough. Nothing should be left on surfaces, including streaks and stains, thanks to a squeegee. If you have windows in hard-to-reach places, purchasing long-handled squeegees is the best choice. This of course is assuming that you already have a janitorial staff on hand to do the cleaning. What if you don’t?

An office cleaning company that is properly trained and has years of experience with their cleaning team offers consistency, professionalism, top-notch janitorial cleaning services, and peace of mind. They can claim this because of the years of training that commercial cleaning companies go through. They can claim this because they invest in high-quality equipment, good morale, cleanliness of appearance, and professionally offer cleaner(s) that are environmentally conscientious. These are often factors that many companies don’t want to invest in with their own janitorial staff because that is not their main focus of the company.

4 Clean The Corners

Like the rest of the glass surface, your window sill or door frame gets filthy. When cleaning these zones, don’t forget to look in the nooks and crannies. In these small spaces, dust can collect. It is a good idea to use a cotton swab to remove the majority of stubborn debris with your office cleaner. The business owner will appreciate the extra step in great customer service that you are willing to take.

5 Be Careful To Use The Right Cleaning Agents

The surfaces that harsh chemicals aim to clean can be corroded if you use the wrong cleaning agent. These cleaning agents may do more harm than good in the long run if you aren’t careful. When it comes to keeping glass surfaces clean and dazzling, using natural cleaning products is frequently the most effective and economical option. A mixture of rubbing alcohol, water, and a little vinegar will do the trick in a pinch. A good cleaning agent is just as important as the cleaning methods that are used to clean the glass on your doors and windows. Professional cleaning services focus on your cleaning needs, and excellent customer service to provide you with a clean office.

6 Use Alternative Cleaning Methods When You Can

Keeping the glass surfaces in your workplace clean requires little investment by hiring a professional cleaning company that provides a customized cleaning program to fit your needs. When you don’t have a microfiber cloth to clean the glass in your office, use old newspaper or an old t-shirt, they will clean and dry the window effectively enough to have streak-free windows.

7 Be Careful With Your Window Frames

Corrosion of window and door frames is possible with most cleaning agents, both homemade and commercial. When cleaning these areas, it is preferable to preserve the frames. Even tiny drips and spills are absorbed by wooden frames. When using cleaning products, use atomizers. Do not spray excessively on the surface. Only use what you need, and nothing else.

Keep Your Customers and Employees Happy and Healthy

Our staff of professional cleaners offer commercial office cleaning services made to fit the needs of your business. The first time we meet with you, we assess your building and talk with you about your needs in keeping your facility clean. Our commercial cleaners clean restrooms, classrooms, lobby areas, waiting areas, window washing, carpet cleaning, conference rooms, kitchens and much more. Employee productivity is important to us as that can drive cost up for our customers, that is why we hire all of our cleaners directly, put them through the proper training and walk-throughs on each job, and our managers follow up to make sure the job is getting done properly. Each of our staff members has their

background-checked to make sure they are safe on each job site. Please reach out to us for a free estimate and see the difference a local company can make in cleaning your facility.

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