5 Things Your Janitorial Services Needs

First impressions between people are subtle but often influence our interactions. When it comes to your building, first impressions are important and they often get noticed by customers quickly. A shiny clean lobby, a pristine hallway, a clean bathroom, and clean windows are just some of the things that customers notice when they walk into your building for the first time.

When choosing a janitorial services partner in the Metro East region of St. Louis, you want to team up with a company that understands that the services provided need to be affordable and excellent in every way. If you are a property manager or owner you need to know that the services you hire are trustworthy. That is the first step in hiring any company. Do they show that they can be trusted with your building and everything in it? As more people return to work after a year-long battle with Covid-19, it more important now than ever to make sure that a reputable janitorial service provider in the Metro East region is helping you keep your facility clean and disinfected properly.

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Quality Control

First thing that you should look for is the quality of service with the service provider. Make sure that the company you are looking at or currently working with understands your needs as a customer. Consider these questions when evaluating a potential janitorial services partner:

  • When checking surfaces, are they dust free on the top?
  • Are you offices cleaned, trash taken out, carpet vacuumed and floor mopped each night?
  • Are work orders completed in a timely manner?
  • Are monthly or quarterly deep cleanings done on a regular routine?

Of course, price is always a consideration when hiring any cleaning service, but cost-effectiveness and quality control create value in services that are more important. Value and quality of service should never be sacrificed when hiring your commercial cleaning service.

State-of-the-Art Technology

It is important for your commercial cleaning service provider to be consistently implementing new technologies into their cleaning practices. These technologies improve service to customers and help cleaning companies stay on track and provide better service. Technology tools can help improve communications between customers and service providers, eliminate inefficiencies, paper use, scanning, missed emails, or missed phone calls. Many of these technologies are mobile apps and services that connect service providers to their customers more effectively.

A Local Presence

Your building is more than a place to go to work at, it’s also part of the local community. That is why at Grimebusters, inc., we take pride in being involved in our local community. We work here, live here and play here in the Metro East region.

When looking for a janitorial service provider they should be familiar with the tenant population of the building and the surrounding area. This is important because different levels of service and customer interaction are required in each building. Each type of business in your building requires different types of cleaning procedures, that is now being connected and involved with your local community helps to understand customers’ needs.

When you find the right janitorial cleaning service, make sure they employ enough janitorial staff in-house and not outsourced to be able to adjust cleaning schedules and handle your needs as a customer.


There is nothing worse than having a customer contact you about a cleaning and not getting back to that customer in a timely manner. When choosing a janitorial service provider, consider them as a partner, not just another service. This way you know that they are just as committed to the cleaning success of your building as you are. If you look at them as a partner you contribute to a long-term relationship and the success of a clean building.

Look for a commercial cleaning company that has a long-standing track record of being responsive to their customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for references to other long-term customers that they work with. This will validate any concerns that you have and also reiterate their trustworthiness to you.

Green Cleaning and Experience

When looking at a green cleaning partner consider the kinds of cleaning materials being used in office spaces. Consider whether they are zero-waste commitment and are sustainable. Are they really green cleaning products? There are many companies today that are getting on board with sustainability. Certifications in Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED) are just one of the many organizations that show leadership in sustainable practices.

Just as certifications are important so is experienced in the industry. Janitorial service companies need to have a variety of experiences to prove to their customers that they know how to care for multiple types of properties. At Grimebusters we have many years of experience in working at properties like medical offices, commercial spaces, banking and government buildings, and educational institutions ranging from elementary to college campuses.

In 2020, the cleaning industry make some great break-throughs in disinfection and cleaning practices. These technologies have made it easier and more cost-effective to help customers fight the spread of the Corona-virus. If you would like to know more about some of these disinfecting processes, give us a call at Grimebusters, Inc..

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