Outsourcing Your Cleaning Services Saves Costs

Outsourcing cleaning services in the St. Louis region and Metro East might be the perfect solution for your business. There is one thing that last year taught us in the cleaning services industry, we need to be flexible and prepared for anything. Many business owners that used to clean their own facilities ended up outsourcing their cleaning services during 2020, because a lot of their own staff worked from home or didn’t return to work because of Covid-19.

One of the best ways to stay nimble and ready for the unknown during such uncertain times is to implement smart cost-saving measures in your everyday operating budget. One of these ways is to revamp your facilities management program from in-house to outsourced to a local commercial cleaning services company like Grimebusters.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, outsourcing your facilities operations to a facilities cleaning services partner is one option that can achieve a significant cost savings monthly and annually. Here are some cost-saving benefits of outsourcing your cleaning services.

Cleaning Services

Optimized Staff and Work

After you talk with a cleaning service you will often see through their evaluation of the work scope and their historical productivity track record and optimized approach to cleaning. This can optimized the team that you need on-site to get the job done effectively and efficiently. This ultimately will lead to reduced costs in your facility management budget.

Process Improvements

When you hire a cleaning services company with extensive services and experience in handling all different types of facility sizes, they typically have their processes very efficient. These processes can be tweaked to fit your facility which will still result in reduced cost savings over hiring in in-house staff.

Facility Optimization

A commercial cleaning services partner also can provide specialized technical experts who will recommend additional facility optimizations. Some of these improvements might be:

  • Developing building automation strategies to reduce energy costs
  • Reducing reactive maintenance calls by implementing a more robust preventative maintenance program
  • Extending the life of an asset through a targeted maintenance program that pushes off its eventual replacement and capital costs
  • Comparing facilities to other similar facilities and leveraging lessons learned across multiple sites

Supply Chain Discounts

When you partner with a cleaning services provider you also get the added benefit of additional buying power. A facilities management partner has access to supplies and consumables that you might not already have. This ability to buy in bulk or through partnerships for supplies will also reduce costs overall.

Improve Your Facility With A Trusted Partner

This year is looking better than 2020, but it understandably is still a hard time for many companies throughout the Metro East region. A great motivator is to start the ball rolling in reducing costs for your facility maintenance plan. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness or flexibility. At Grimebusters, we understand all of those aspects and work with all of our customers to asses and develop a cleaning maintenance plan that fit your needs and your wallet.

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