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Now that the world is recovering from the many setbacks of COVID-19, we are starting to see a shift from virtual work back to employees in office spaces. This return is increasing day by day as we get further into 2021. There are many articles out there on returning to normalcy in the workplace. We scoured the internet to find some of the best Commercial Cleaning Services tips out there to help you create safe workspaces in many industries throughout the St. Louis and Metro East region.

Hotel Operations

Many industries throughout the country have had significant setbacks from COVID-19, few suffered as much as the hotel industry. According to the National Hospitality & Lodging Association (NHLA), travel throughout our country and abroad is not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024. This will continue to greatly impact the hotel industry. Even though it has had many setbacks, the hotel industry is resilient and occupancy is steadily growing as people are eager to get out and return to normal with travel throughout the United States and abroad. As hotels increase many have established protocols to keep their employees and guests safe by adjusting housekeeping protocols, deep cleaning and embracing new technologies to disinfect more efficiently and effectively.

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Low Occupancy Periods, What to do?

Even at the beginning of the pandemic when hardly anyone was in office buildings, commercial cleaning services and facility engineers still had the task of making everything run smoothly. As employees began to come back to work in the office, the facility crews had to adapt to pre-pandemic routines with increased operations and follow recommended safety measures. This means that engineers will have to tackle unique pandemic problems with keeping their facilities clean and safe for guests and employees.

Commercial Building Operations

COVID-19 altered the where we work and how we work throughout 2020, in fact the top 4 ways that the CDC described ways to contract COVID-19 described most pre-pandemic buildings that commercial cleaning services would clean. Buildings closed down during last year and many of the essential operations that you need will need to be addressed when opening up this year. Here they are:

  1. Restore water quality. When a large facility sits vacant for any period of time, water throughout the structure can sit in pipes and grow bacteria. It is a good idea to check chlorine levels, bacteria levels and flush your system to make sure your water is still safe.
  2. HAVC Balance. Finding the right balance with your HVAC system can be tricky. They will ebb and flow during occupancy and varied weather conditions. Turning them off during shutdowns can save you money, but this comes with the risk of mold, dust, bacteria and stagnant air. It is recommended to keep you HVAC system on even when you don’t have a large occupancy to prevent problems.
  3. Establish Pest Control Again. Varying temperatures combined with low occupancy for employees and guests allow pests to move around your facility more than they typically would do. One the exterior it can mean they may have established nestings in eaves, ledges and unscreened vents in your facility.

Take The Right Steps

As commercial cleaning services providers, we understand that your team is juggling a lot of elements in keeping your facility running smoothly. There are many resources to pull from to help you transition back to normalcy in your workplace. We can help you just start your facility to be ready for employees or just clean things up on a regular basis to ease the workload on your facility personnel. Give us call or email us here.

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