COVID-19 Surges Reinforce Professional Disinfecting Services

Due to a strain of COVID-19 being easily transmissible and stalled vaccination numbers, COVID is hitting many U.S. cities hard this fall and this is reinforcing the need for more professional disinfecting services. It has made developing Delta variant disinfection plans and services even more critical as many local communities like St. Louis and Belleville, Illinois fighting to keep the economy going while more shutdowns and looming.

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There is little doubt for many people across the United States that are battling the pandemic, that we might be at a critical juncture. Data indicates just in the St. Louis and Metro East region that cases are climbing along with many other parts of the country. Many communities are seeing 7-day averages higher than it was last year. The number of COVID-related hospitalizations has risen to 56% over what was last year’s numbers.

Why does this matter for my business?

Having any disinfection plan in place for your business can mean the difference between remaining open or having to close your doors. When cases of COVID rise in your area and you don’t have a plan of attack, you are putting more people at risk. That was the thought last year, but what about the Delta variant this year? Many businesses are closing their doors again because they didn’t put an adequate Delta variant COVID plan in place for another possible surge.

With many companies having just returned to the workplace (in-office) operations and restrictions being lifted or reduced, now is the time to not take chances when it comes to safeguarding your employees. The Delta variant’s increase is likely to have a more serious impact on individual patients. This means it can spread more quickly and your business should have preventative measures in place. This is another reason why professional disinfecting services are more critical now than ever.

Who Do You Turn To For Disinfection Services?

There are many services out there today that have jumped into the disinfecting service marketplace. Most of them have arrived because of COVID. At Grimebusters, we have been cleaning and disinfecting hospitals, doctors’ offices, commercial spaces, and schools for decades. Our team develops a proactive approach to the many challenges present to every business owner during this pandemic.

If you don’t have a disinfection plan in place, contact us for a free consultation and assessment of your facility. We’ll examine the many types of surfaces that you have throughout your facility, foot traffic and determine a plan of attack for disinfecting your facility one time or on an ongoing basis.

When we disinfect your facility, we use state-of-the-art equipment like an electrostatic sprayer that binds the mist with a positively charges molecule to the disinfectant sticks to every surface it touches effectively killing off any virus or bacteria.

Standard Cleaning

While we may be there to disinfect your facility, we also offer a full range of professional cleaning services and products, that remains an important part of your disinfecting plan. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines, cleaning processess should be done to improve the effectiveness of disinfecting agents.

Grimebusters has provided commercial cleaning services to the Metro East region of St. Louis and Belleville, Illinois for more than twenty years. We are your dependable partner for essential cleaning services. Our proactive support team has the knowledge, experience, and training combined with the latest techniques to properly and safely clean and disinfect your facility.

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What Does A Cleaning Service Cost?

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