Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key, pt2

Last time we started talking about Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis area. This week we are wrapping up that discussion about the importance of regular carpet cleaning schedules and how it impacts your business.

Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis

Fiber Abrasion Leads To Massive Damage

In areas of your business that have a lot of foot, traffic carpeting wears out quickly; this is compounded by dirt being trapped in the fibers and not being removed on a consistent basis. The best way to think about it is like sandpaper. As you slowly move sandpaper over a surface, it methodically wears the surface down and causes permanent damage. On the surface the sandpaper causes scratches, but over time is moves beyond the surface and gets deep into the grain. Every time a person steps on your carpet with dirt deep into the fibers, it is acting like sandpaper.

High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas should get vacuumed every day. Even if you have a day that has light traffic, vacuum anyways. It’s not about the saving time; it’s about the level of traffic and the consistency of cleaning to protect your investment. When carpets in high traffic areas get neglected, it becomes difficult to remove that caked in dirt. It becomes embedded into the fibers.

The Secret To Carpets

The secret to preventing this is simple. Regularly vacuum your carpets! Place entry mats in high traffic areas to prevent the spread of sand, salt and water during bad weather. The truth of it is vacuuming extends the life of your carpets and improves the quality of your building.

Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis

Saving Pennies Costs Dollars

This is a saying derived from the “Penny wise, pound foolish” from England. The sum of it is as a business owner you shouldn’t reduce your cleaning frequency in vacuuming or any part of cleaning your building. You might save a few pennies in the beginning, but over time things break down, and your cost to replace is much greater. Other points:

  • Vacuums don’t always do a good job of lifting up embedded dirt. Regular cleaning helps minimize that, but carpet cleaning with a deep extraction will remove those embedded dirt particles.
  • Dirt wears your carpets down, causing discoloration, grayed out areas and the longer it sits like that, the more it will become permanent.
  • Worn carpets with permanent grayed out areas will need to be replaced. It is good to clean them, but the major of the damage is done and you in for a new carpet.
  • Dirt carpets cause health issues inside your Dirt buildings increase indoor air pollution which causes dirt, dander, pollen and other allergens to stay trapped in your carpets. This affects your workforce and increases absenteeism, which affects your profitability.

What can you do about it?

There are many preventative steps you can take right now to increase customer and employee happiness by regularly vacuuming and deep cleaning your carpets. Look for a good Carpet Cleaning Service in St. Louis area. Ask for references and certifications before you hire them. Our team of experts have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining carpeting in all types of buildings. Give us a call today for a free inspection of your carpets.



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