Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key, pt1

As Carpet Cleaning Professionals in St. Louis, there is a new trend with businesses that is motivated by the need to save money. This trend is “reducing the frequency” of your carpet cleaning. I’m not talking about shampooing your carpets, but the regular vacuuming of your carpets. The simple truth is, this is a bad idea. Here’s why it is a bad idea.

Carpet Cleaning In St. Louis: Cleaning Frequency Is Key

Good Science

When you are looking at the financial numbers and reducing cost is the primary concern that fuels your decision-making, it seems easy to reduce the frequency of cleaning. It will save you hours of time and a few dollars each day which in turn will add up monthly and annually.

Here are the repercussions of reducing your cleaning frequency.

  1. It affects the indoor air quality, and your employee’s environment becomes less healthy.
  2. It affects the longevity of your carpets. Carpets that are not cleaned as often wear quicker.
  3. It creates a poor impression on your employees and customers.

Your Carpets Are Graying Out

Synthetic carpet fibers in carpeting has improved over the years, that is why you see most commercial buildings using this type of carpeting. Architects and facility managers love this style of carpeting because it is so durable. One common problem though is “graying out.”

Graying out is where your carpeting in high traffic areas starts to turn gray from wear and tear. Much of this is caused by ingrained dirt and reduces cleaning frequencies. This can be prevented. When the fibers in your carpet get crushed and matted, they will become worn. Once the carpet fibers have become worn, you have a couple of options. You can have them professionally cleaned or you can replace the carpet.

Hiring a good St. Louis Carpet Cleaning service will help to restore those grayed-out areas in your carpeting. Carpet and rug manufacturers have some amazing technologies integrated into the carpeting. The fibers are designed to conceal dirt as much as possible and minimize damage to the fibers to extend longevity. Another key factor in maintaining the longevity of your carpets is regular maintenance. Most companies have adopted a maintenance cleaning plan for their carpets and floors. If you have not done that yet, you should. A good carpet cleaning maintenance plan will extend the life of your carpets at work.

The Secret to severe damage to your carpets is regular vacuuming and shampooing to prevent damage and improve the quality of your building. Our team at Grimebustiners, Inc. is trained in the latest technologies to clean carpets, flooring and area rugs. Our first step is to assess your property and recommend a cleaning plan.



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What Does A Cleaning Service Cost?

When it's time to look for a new cleaning service it may seem like a daunting task. Our FREE pricing guide will help you to determine what a cleaning service should cost for your facility. Here's what's in our guide:

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