5 Problems That’ll Make You Switch Cleaning Companies

Have you had a bad experience with cleaning companies? Are you overwhelmed with your current cleaning company? Do you find yourself annoyed by their performance on a daily basis? These are just some of the many challenges that you can face when dealing with a cleaning company that isn’t doing a good job as promised.

If you are receiving daily complaints from your employees about trash cans not getting emptied, dirt still on the floor under the desk or bathrooms not being cleaned thoroughly, it may be time to start looking for a new cleaning service. Here are some of the top complaints that have made people make the switch to a new cleaning service.

cleaning companies in the St. Louis Metro East Region

1 The alarms were not set!

Alarms left off depending on the company can be a severe and dangerous problem. Often it opens up the door to liability and other severe issues especially if it becomes an ongoing problem. Typically when this happens, you will find a door left unlocked too. You choose a cleaning company because of their trustworthiness in performing the cleaning tasks, but that trustworthiness also is extended in being responsible with security measures. When that trust becomes compromised when dealing with security issues, it is challenging to recover.

cleaning companies in the St. Louis Metro East Region

2 Poor communication

This is a simple one or should be. Poor communication is one factor that can kill a relationship quickly. If you are running a business with customer service or an account manager, you should get back to the customer within 24 to 48 hours after you received the call.

Often after several phone calls and no communication back promptly, that is a red flag that there is a bigger problem with the company.

cleaning companies in the St. Louis Metro East Region

3 Lying to the customer about work done

Have you heard this one, (“Suite 103 wan’t vacuumed last night, can you take care of this next time?” “Yes, of course.” One week later the problem is still there and the vacuuming hasn’t been done. )

Do you find yourself constantly calling in about tasks that have not been completed daily or weekly? While they may be an agreeable person on the phone, this won’t ensure that the problem will get resolved. If the issue is brought the account manager, but not passed down to the cleaning crew at your property, problems will get worse in time. This may be a small problem right now, but over time this will show as a large problem that is not dealt with properly.

4 Reoccurring problems

“This is the fourth time I have called about this issue, what is going on?” This signifies a much large issue with the company that is cleaning. Recurring problems are a nuisance and cut into your time to manage and be profitable. When the same problem keeps coming up with your current cleaning company, it is time to start shopping for a new commercial cleaning service.

cleaning companies in the St. Louis Metro East Region

5 Different people each time

“Where’s Rob, he was cleaning our facility last month?” “He’s no longer with us, but Tony will be your new account manager!” High turnover rates in cleaning companies can and will damage the trustworthiness between you and your customers. This is a sign of an unstable business. Change is inevitable, but to many changes with customer account managers will hurt your business.

If you are assigned a new person more than 4 times in a year, it may be time to change cleaning services.

These are just some of the many signs that will help you to determine when to make the switch to a new cleaning service in the St. Louis, Missouri area. There are no magic wands or perfectly clean buildings or perfect cleaning crews. However, when mistakes turn into carelessness in cleaning and poor work ethic are a constant, it’s time to change commercial cleaning services.



Rick is the President of Grimebusters, Inc. located in Bellville, Illinois. Providing Quality, Dependable, Value DrivenCommercial Cleaning Services For St. Louis and Metro East Region Since 1989. We Understand Customers Needs and Value Those Trusted Relationships As The Foundations Of Our Success!

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