Metro East Summer School Cleaning Checklist

Do you have a school cleaning checklist yet? School is almost done for most schools across the country. There are many fun things that kids will do this summer. Here are just a few ideas for all of those parents out there.

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Now that the classroom is empty and you’ll be able to leave the chalkboard or dry erase board behind for a few months, let’s make sure the physical spaces in your school are clean as possible for next year. Here is a checklist that you can follow over the summer. Consider using green supplies to have a minimal impact on the environment and reduce odors in your classroom.

Cleaning Your Classroom

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Start cleaning your classroom by completing these tasks to make sure your room is tidied up and ready for summer.

  • Make sure desks and cubbies are empty
  • Dust off tabletops and desks
  • Sweep the floors of trash
  • Clean the floors, by mopping and buffing (if hard floors)
  • Vacuum the floors (if carpet)
  • Erase dry erase boards and chalkboards and clean them with a cleaning solution
  • Empty trash cans and recycling bins
  • Empty pencil sharpeners
  • Place books backs on bookshelves
  • Disinfect surfaces frequently touched, like light switches and door knobs
  • Cap dry erase markers, replenish chalk, discard broken chalk
  • Refill printer paper

Cleaning Common Areas, Halls and The Cafeteria

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There are many shared spaces in a school and here are some of those that you should clean.

  • Pick up trash from the floors
  • Make sure refrigerators are cleared of any old food or food goods that will expire over the summer months
  • Sweep up debris and vacuum, if carpeted
  • Clean and buff the floors, if they are hard floors
  • Clean the windows (inside) with window cleaner and dry with paper towel
  • Empty the trash cans and recycling bins
  • Remove seasonal and outdated information from bulletin boards and walls
  • Disinfect places that people commonly touch, like doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, and more.
  • Dust hard surfaces

Cleaning The Bathrooms

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Bathrooms are one of the most heavily used areas of any school. Here’s how to sanitize and prep them for the summer and next school year.

  • Clean all toilets with a disinfectant
  • Mop and sanitize the floors
  • Replace all toilet paper rolls
  • Empty and sanitize trash cans
  • Sanitizer surfaces commonly touched, like light switches, toilet flushers, hand dryers, etc.
  • Refill tampon dispensers
  • Clean and sanitize sinks and counters around sinks
  • Refill all soap dispensers

Teacher’s Areas At School

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At most schools, teachers have spaces where they can meet and talk without students. Here’s how to clean your teacher’s lounge and other teacher areas.

  • Clean and disinfect hard surfaces like desks and tables
  • Disinfect objects and surfaces shared and commonly touched, like telephones, light switches, remote controls, etc.
  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer of old food
  • Wipe and sanitize surfaces in refrigerator
  • Vacuum and shake out soft surfaces like couches, armchairs, etc.
  • Empty recycling bins and trash cans
  • Clean off tables of paperwork and unneeded materials
  • Put away shared equipment and supplies, like pens, pencils, staplers, staplers, etc.

More Than You Can Handle

If some or all of these tasks seem like it is overwhelming, reach out to Grimebusters for cleaning solutions. We offer comprehensive education and school cleaning services for schools or universities.



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