Three St. Louis Pest Control Tips To Keep The Bugs Out!

Although it may not seem like it, spring really is just around the corner. With spring comes rodents and bugs. Pests around the workplace have been linked to many illnesses like asthma, rabies and Lyme disease. Ticks over the past couple of years have been a severe problem in many parts of the United States. The northeast and around the great lakes have been affected the most.  They are not the only problem though, rats, mice, and squirrels are responsible for the spread of several viruses and parasites. Taking some simple steps can eliminate these rodents and bugs. Here are three St. Louis Pest Control Tips to keep them out of your office building.

St. Louis Pest Control Tips

Know the Signs of An Infestation

The most common sign is actually seeing a mouse, rat, cockroach etc.. in your building. Other than seeing them one of the signs is their droppings. These will be near food or water sources. They will stay close to cupboards, drawers or any bins that store food. They use pathways like drop ceiling panels, walls, studs and beams. A good place to start is look in any employees desk that has food. Mice love these spots! Any package that looks like it has been nibbled or gnawed means you might have a rodent problem.

Control The Problem and Prevent It For The Future

  1. Dry up any water sources like leaky pipes indoors and outdoors of your building. Eliminate any food source like bird feeders. They are great, but they attract more than the birds.
  2. Secure your trash bings. Once you dispose of your food waste, make sure it is in a container that is secure from gnawing or chewing. This will help prevent them from staying around.
  3. Don’t leave food out on the counter in your kitchen, conference room or on any desks. Foods like cakes and cookies are highly attractive for rodents and bugs.
  4. Walk around your building on a regular basis and check for cracks and holes that are 1/4″ or larger. Mice are amazing creatures that can fit into some extremely small spaces.
  5. Secure your storage sheds! Put any storage sheds on slabs to prevent tunneling and building a nest for during the winter seasons.

Once you get rid of the rodents and bugs in your building give us a call to help you with the cleanup. Your office space is the lifeblood and success of your business. How it looks affects your customers and employees.



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