Top Three Areas To Clean For Auto Dealership Cleaning Services

Your auto dealership has an image that is has to protect with potential customers. That image is not just a marketing image. The cleanliness of your dealership impacts your image to customers. Auto Dealership Cleaning Services play an important and often unestimated role in the success of auto dealerships. This success can create a “buyer friendly” dealership or deter them from “buying”.

Auto Dealership Cleaning Services

Cleaning the correct way takes a lot of skill and hard work. These skills come from years of education and on the job training. A good cleaning company will hold you to higher standards. Customers expect your dealership to be pristine when they walk in. A dealership that looks sloppy and unkempt can lose five to six figures in sales in a year. This is over simple things like dirty glass, dusty floors, dirty carpets, scuffed floors and disgusting bathrooms.

Grimebusters understands the impact that Auto Dealership Cleaning Services has on sales and presentation for dealerships in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Our cleaners are detail oriented and thrive in cleaning dealerships that strive for a pristine showroom.

So, what are the top three things that matter most for auto dealerships in the St. Louis region? Here are three of the most impactful aspects that every dealership should clean first.

Auto Dealership Cleaning Services

1 The Entrance
Your entrance is the gateway to your sales funnel and success of customer sales. The first impression is the most important one. When your guest step foot into your showroom, you don’t want them to see spots, scuff marks, dirty glass on the doors or stains.

2 The Showroom
Great dealerships that are at the top of the success ladder understand that the showroom is the crown jewel of your customer’s experience. Getting your customers excited about that new car is key. That is one of many reasons why auto dealerships spend thousands of dollars on lighting, cleaning, and marketing materials to make the cars look appealing and amazing. Your customers expect your showroom to be as slick as the polished commercials and ad slicks that promoted your vehicles.

That’s only possible if your commercial cleaners have the skills, products, experience and equipment to keep your showroom looking its best. Your cleaning contractor must keep your floors in spotless condition. There also has to be a comprehensive plan to maintain that look every day.

3 The Bathrooms
There really is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom that smells and is dirty. Your guest will need to use your bathroom at some point in the sales process. If your bathrooms are dirt and smell, you quickly can lose the sale and earn a bad reputation. Survey of customers purchasing a vehicle found that 39% would never return to a dealership that has a dirty bathroom.

The goal of selling a car is to keep your customers happy through the long process of buying a car. With that you need to keep your auto dealership in St. Louis clean and friendly. This mean eliminating the hassle of cleaning with an experienced cleaning contractor that understands car dealerships.

Learn how Grimebusters, Inc. can deliver a better cleaning experience for your auto dealership in St. Louis, Missouri today. Call Grimebusters today at Toll Free: 866.272.7847 or lean more about our auto dealership cleaning services today.

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