Vacuum Cleaner Features Perfect For Healthcare Facilities in St. Louis, Missouri

One of the key elements of infection control for Healthcare Facilities in St. Louis, Missouri is ensuring that your cleaning staff has the right tools to keep your facility as clean as possible. Many hospitals and medical offices require vacuuming of hard floor surfaces instead of dusting. Vacuuming picks the dust-up and not push it around. Vacuuming in your facility reduces bacteria such as polyps and spores that can become airborne.

Healthcare Facilities in St. Louis, Missouri

HEPA Filters and Your Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners can do just the opposite and spread dust if not operated properly according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention guidelines. Vacuum cleaners should be maintained to minimize dust with proper installation of HEPA filters, especially in high-risk patient areas.

In the healthcare market as you as looking for cleaning services, check to make sure they have vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration incorporated. Not all vacuum cleaners are equal. Not all HEPA vacuums are the same. There are many residential grade vacuums on the market, but as a commercial cleaner we use commercial grade vacuums with HEPA filters.

Many vacuums today with HEPA filters are poorly made and are not up to the standards of the medical industry. For best results, if you have to buy a vacuum for your facility, choose a vacuum that is specifically built for cleaning healthcare facilities and has been tested and sealed by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Healthcare Facilities in St. Louis, Missouri

When our team cleans in any healthcare facility, sound is a huge factor with vacuum cleaners. Most backpack vacuums will be in the mid-sixties decibel wise. There are some on the market that are in the mid-forties.

Upright vacuums are very prevalent in many healthcare facilities in St. Louis, Missouri, but in many cases they don’t perform as well as the newer backpack vacuums of today. The newer backpack vacuums have robust filtration and noise muffling that make them more likely to be used in healthcare.

That is why we focus on using backpack vacuums in most settings when we clean a healthcare facility. Vacuuming is one of the first lines in defense against germs spreading through your facility.

If you don’t have a good vacuum cleaning regiment, please contact us to talk to one of our cleaning managers about cleaning your medical facility.

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